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The Importance Of Gutter Function

The importance of gutter function

It's no big surprise when we say that gutters are important. But what exactly is their function? And how can neglecting them cause significant issues for homeowners?

A gutter system works to collect precipitation and carry it away from a home. They're typically made of aluminum and built into the space just below your home's roof and down its siding. When rainwater falls or snow melts, the moisture travels off your roof, through the chutes, and disperses out the downspout. Were the gutters not there, water would collect and pool on the rooftop or around the home's foundation, which can cause some severe issues.

When water pools at the base of a home, it can easily leak into a crawlspace or basement or be absorbed by the concrete foundation. This brings moisture into the house, which can cause pesky condensation, wood rot, and structural damage. Gutters prevent this, but only if they're maintained and functioning well. That's why most home advisors recommend thoroughly cleaning your gutters at least twice a year.

At Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services LLC, we make this critical task easy. By utilizing powerful detergents, and the perfect amount of water pressure, we can make quick work of even the most mucked-up gutters with our pressure washing services. Call Wall 2 Wall Cleaning Services LLC at 607-684-8835 to schedule a gutter cleaning service for your home in the Twin Tiers.

Preparing For Winter

Fall is one of the most difficult times for gutter systems. As colorful leaves fall from the trees, they tend to end up right where you don't want them; in your gutters. That also means that fall is one of the best times to have your gutters professionally cleaned.

Removing leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutters in the fall prepares your home for winter. A clear gutter system can handle even the harshest of winter storms, and melting snow will have an easy path to follow away from your home.

Gutter Guard Installation

To achieve a well-working gutter system all year round, you may consider installing gutter guards. Also known as gutter shields, helmets, covers, and screens, gutter guards protect your gutters from larger debris such as twigs, animal nests, and leaves.

Gutter guards do not negate the need for regular gutter cleaning, but they do keep gutters functioning better for longer. Professional gutter guard installation paired with twice-a-year gutter cleaning can leave you with invaluable peace of mind.

Professional Vs. Do-It-Yourself

Many homeowners opt for manual methods for gutter cleaning, but that might not always be the best option. Climbing a ladder to your home's full height can be hazardous, especially without stabilizers, and pulling stubborn sticks out of your gutter can easily cause you to lose your balance.

With professional gutter cleaning, you don't have to risk it! Let the experts handle the job and enjoy your well-functioning gutter systems without all the headaches.

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